Meet Zahir


Zahir, age 8, was diagnosed with an aggressive and malignant brain tumor when he was just 6 years old.  Described by all as a “happy go lucky” little boy, Zahir was hospitalized for months as he required several surgeries in addition to intensive radiation and chemotherapy.  His loving grandmom Marlene and hardworking dad Ernest tried to keep things financially stable for their close-knit family of five but with grandmom staying inpatient at Zahir’s bedside, this soon became difficult.


Fred’s Footsteps supported this Philadelphia family with several months of insurance and utility payments so they could keep their focus on Zahir as he underwent his exhaustive chemotherapy.


Superhero Zahir is stable and while he has more treatment ahead, he is back to his sweet, kind, funny self.  He enjoys playing with his sisters and neighbors, is thriving in school and he and his dad just attended their first Eagles game!  Fly, Zahir, Fly!