Walk a mile in the shoes – or in our case, the footsteps – of the families in our program to understand what they go through. The struggle is real – but so is Fred’s Footsteps’ support.

A Mile in their Footsteps invites you to enter the normally private lives of our families and feel what it’s like to live life in the upside down. When a child is critically ill, injured, or lives with a chronic disease, a family’s world shifts off its axis. Daily life is tenuous and stressful as caregivers and siblings go into survival mode. What does it take to stay afloat?

This campaign will delve deeper into the experiences of our families. You will see the hardships they endure through their own lens, to drive home the need for Fred’s Footsteps’ real-time, real-life relief. Simply put, we’re inviting you to walk in our families’ footsteps to understand the importance of walking in Fred’s Footsteps.

EPISODE 1 “The Wallace Family”

The Wallace Family was settling into life in Delaware County, getting ready to welcome their second child. When their daughter was born prematurely, at just 24 weeks gestation, it led to a crisis they could have never seen coming, let alone financially prepare for.


Help change the life of a family caring for a medically-complex child.