Meet Ella


Ella was discovered to have Neurofibromatosis and an optic nerve glioma when she was 11 years old. She endured 16 months of chemotherapy to reduce the tumors resulting in vision loss and other difficulties. Mom Terri was forced to reduce her working hours to accommodate the treatment schedule and Ella’s other related needs with dad Chris working even more to try and bridge the gap.


The requirements of Ella’s treatment created tremendous financial hardship for this loving Marlton, NJ family of four. They began to make the necessary changes knowing that family life will continue to be more complicated for them as NF is a lifelong disease with many ongoing challenges.


Fred’s Footsteps helped to support them with mortgage and car payments as they adjusted to what will be the “new normal” of Ella’s continuing treatment needs. Ella’s mom shared these words with us: “I can never put into words how absolutely blessed that we were able to walk in Fred’s Footsteps. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we would have lost our home, if it was not for your help”