Meet Kaidyn


Kaidy loves school, getting her nails and hair done, giggling, gossip magazines and all kinds of “girly” things.  She was also born with CP and a seizure disorder resulting in significant physical needs and developmental delays.  As she grew, her family (mom Tiwanna, a teacher, dad Deven an accountant and 12-year-old twin brothers), found lifting and transporting Kaidy was increasingly difficult.  They needed a conversion to their family minivan that would allow them to transport Kaidy in her wheelchair and a chair glide in their home to help move her safely up and down the steps of their home. Fred’s Footsteps helped this family to adapt their van as needed and then to install the chair lift in their home.

In just a short period of time, Tiwanna reports the happy changes in their family are remarkable! Kaidy loves being out and about in “her” van and the chair glide has given them welcome relief from carrying her up and down the stairs.  Fred’s Footsteps was delighted to be part of this family transformation.