Meet Skylar


Baby Skylar was born way too soon at just 23 weeks’ gestation.  Unprepared for such an early delivery, her mom Cindy initially took FMLA and then once back to work as an insurance compliance officer, she concentrated her hours so to be with Skylar bedside in the NICU as much as possible.  Finally, after almost seven months in the hospital, Skylar went home but her journey was far from over. Diagnosed with chronic lung disease as a result of her extreme prematurity, Skylar required oxygen support and tube feeding assistance for many more months while she continued to heal and grow.  Her mom worked reduced time until Skylar was cleared for day care but as the primary breadwinner, this reduction in income caused a major financial strain for their little family.  Fred’s Footsteps helped with several months of rent and car payments to bridge the gap created during this very difficult time.


Now as this sweet girl approaches her 2nd birthday, Skylar continues to grow and bloom.  Hard work in her therapies are showing great success – she no longer requires tube feedings and she is catching up developmentally too. Mom Cindy says Skylar’s successes have been the result of a “team effort” and that she feels so grateful to have had Fred’s Footsteps by her family’s side!