Meet Shawn


 Shawn began having headaches around the age of 7 and, after months and months of procedures and testing, his mother Jennifer’s worst fears were realized when he was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Treatment would be lengthy and difficult which meant Jennifer, a college technology coordinator and Shawn’s step dad William, who works in real estate, needed to make major adjustments to their lives.  Jennifer took partial leave and reduced her hours to be with Shawn but this meant financial strain for their tight knit family of four. Their social worker at CHOP referred them to Fred’s Footsteps and we stepped in.  By covering two months of rent and utilities during this most challenging time, Shawn’s family was able to focus on Shawn’s early treatment and needs with one less worry.



Shawn’s treatment continues and will for some time but as his mom told us – “he faces each medical procedure with courage beyond his years and a smile…usually.”